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In his provocative book, Michael McCray, author of “Race, Power, and Politics, The Inside Story of Acorn,” tackles the highly publicized rise and fall of the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN). An Arkansas native, and once member of the Clinton Administration, Michael has personally exposed judicial misconduct by reporting 40 million dollars is government waste, fraud, and abuse which began his career and personal advocacy against judicial misconduct and pro government bias.

As a member of the Acorn 8, a group consisting of fearless national board members, each of whom denounced the sacrificial obedience of silence that politics inadvertently imposes on its employees, Michael first hand knows the power of moral conviction in the face of a judicial systems that lends its hand to a laissez faire approach to upholding the First Amendment.

There is a current adversarial relationship between people of color and those whose job it is to protect and serve, but this week’s show sheds light on the men and women who choose to take a stand, and expose the corruption and misconduct of our police, political organizations, and judicial systems. Listeners this week are in for a first hand account of how whistle-blowing can make our lives better, but also how to prepare for the backlash associated with bringing corruption to the forefront.

Is our justice system in support of ordinary Americans? Is our judicial system in favor of protection of citizens rights, or just in favor of professional interest? And most importantly, how can we as citizens take back our power by blowing the whistle on any corruption we may see? Click PLAY, because Talk just got interesting!

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